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Island Gully Falls/ Secret Falls

Posted on 9th Oct 2015 @ 7:43 PM

If you had to describe paradise I bet the description would sound something like clean, clear, blue waters surrounded by large rocks and lush greenery. Island Gully Falls located in Ocho Rios Jamaica, also known by the locals as the “Secret Falls or Irie Blue Hole” is undoubtedly one of Jamaica’s hidden treasures.
Island Gully falls is very deep, which makes it excellent for swimmers, divers and thrill seekers. Swing on the Tarzan rope, hike along the river, explore small caves, Cliff jump and more. Island Gully falls is the true definition of paradise and perfect for just about everyone. This spot has not yet been commercialized. This means that you will get to see it in its entire unspoiled, pre-commercialization splendor untouched by human hands save for a few benches here and there.